General Services

Welcome to Payvant

Businesses continually select Payvant because of our uncompromising service and commitment to them. Our reputation has been earned by delivering market and client specific services and solutions.

Payvant adopts an approach and succeeds in developing solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Credit Card Acceptance

Credit card acceptance is crucial for today’s business, and Payvant provides a fast and easy process for our clients. Payvant has a custom program with the Vital+ terminal that was specially developed for deployment to our clients. These terminals are able to meet the processing needs of virtually any merchant conducting business in any sector of our economy. Our processing accounts are designed to meet the needs of all businesses that wish to process credit card transactions in the below environments:

  • Face to Face Transactions (Retail)
  • Mail / Telephone Order (MOTO)
  • Shopping Carts (eCommerce)
  • Cell Phone Processing (mCommerce)

PIN-Based Debit

Consumer use of debit cards increases every day. In fact, industry analysts report that nearly one third of US consumers prefer using debit cards to make everyday purchases over any other form of payment, including cash. Debit cards are secure and convenient for both merchants and card holders. Debit card acceptance reduces the risk and hassle associated with checks. In addition, card holders benefit from the speed and security of the transaction. Payvant can process PIN-based debit transactions quickly and easily through our direct connection to regional and national debit processing networks.

Merchant benefits to accepting debit cards:

  • Reduced checkout time
  • More convenient than accepting checks
  • No signature required
  • PIN access provides additional security
  • Reduced chargeback liability

Check Services

Checks are the second largest form of payment in the US, so merchants need a safe and easy way to accept them. We offer our clients a choice of paper or electronic transactions, so businesses can choose to process checks electronically or use traditional paper transactions. Our check services solution eliminates the hassle of daily trips to the bank, scans and verifies checks in less than 10 seconds, and reduces losses associated with returned or cancelled checks. Our “Guaranteed Conversion” enables clients to electronically process checks with full confidence.

Benefits to accepting electronic checks:

  • Reduced Handling Costs – No more daily trips to the bank which can cost you significant expense on gas alone – not to mention very time consuming
  • Reduced Bank Deposit Fees
  • Automatic Fraud Protection – Bad personal checks now become the responsibility of Payvant up to $300
  • Save time with Daily / Weekly / Monthly bookkeeping

Gift Cards

Almost 50 million adults purchase gift cards each year, outnumbering paper gift certificates four to one. Gift cards are a fun and convenient way to shop for any occasion. As opposed to paper gift certificates, gift cards are more durable, easier to track, reusable, difficult to counterfeit, and an attractive way to market your company. Plastic cards replace traditional “paper” gift certificates, with specific denominations printed on them, or they may be produced without specific monetary amounts.

The consumer purchases the gift cards using cash, check, or a credit card. Card activation is simple: the amount of the gift is loaded onto the gift card by swiping the card through the electronic terminal and then keying in the desired amount. This process loads the value onto the card and stores the value in the host computer at Payvant. Swiping the card through the merchant’s electronic terminal and performing a balance inquiry can access the retail value of the card. Both the merchant and the consumer can access the card balance information online. Gift cards may be used multiple times and are rechargeable.

Merchant benefits to accepting gift cards:

  • Gain new customers and increase sales
  • Create customer loyalty
  • NO start-up cost and easy implementation
  • Low monthly fees
  • Includes a comprehensive Starter Kit