What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Payvant

The Payvant operating philosophy is one dedicated to customer service and technical innovation. Providing full electronic payment related services under one roof separates Payvant from our competitors.

Transaction Intelligence

Our "Transaction Intelligence" solution was developed exclusively for our merchant customers to help them more effectively run their business. The best part is that this product comes standard with your Payvant account.

We help you understand:

  • Where your customers live
  • The average income of your customers
  • Your customers spending habits at your business
  • If you are getting a return on investment on your advertising dollars
  • Who and where are your local competitors

Next-Day Funding

Payvant has developed a system that allows your business to receive credit and debit card transactions the next business day. Powered by a single front & back end processing platform your business can continue running smoothly.

Remember that not all companies’ next-day funding promises are the same. With the Payvant next-day funding product, your business will not be required to switch bank accounts in order to receive accelerated batch funding.

Benefits of Next-Day Funding:

  • Keep your current bank account
  • Receive your weekend transactions on Monday morning
  • No need to float your cash flow

Electronic Statements

Payvant delivers our clients monthly processing statements via our secure website instead of by regular postal mail. By receiving your statements electronically, you save paper and eliminate filing and storage hassles. Our electronic statements are easy to read, and provide your business with keen insight into your transaction processing habits.

Benefits of Electronic Statements:

  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen personal information
  • Instantly view all of your account statements
  • View, print, and save statements right to your computer
  • Receive your statements faster that standard paper mailing